Thursday, August 19, 2010

Top 7 Ideas For Hello Kitty Party Supplies

1. For invitations, purchase themed Invitations. Or fold pieces of pink and white paper in half and print out a picture of kitty's face and put it on the front. Write the party details on the inside.

Hello Kitty Party

2. For table decorations, use a Hello Kitty Kit for 8 or just decorate it with a themed centerpiece, plates, cups, and napkins. This would make a very decorative eating area.

3. To decorate for your party, hang up a Happy Birthday Banner of your child's favorite feline in your entryway. Hang several character balloons, as well as pink and white balloons from the ceiling. Add pink and white ribbon streamers. Decorate the walls with pink and white cat paw prints and flowers to brighten up any party room!

Hello Kitty Gifts

4. As your guests arrive for the party, hand them Hello Kitty Hats and Sunglasses. Also set out cat coloring pages for your guests to color while you wait for everyone else to arrive.

5. For a fantastic game, play "Kitty, Kitty." Everyone sits in a circle. One person is given a pillow and blindfold. That person stands in the middle of the circle, hands the pillow to someone, (Make sure the person in the middle of the circle can not see through the blind fold.) and says, "Kitty, Kitty." The person that receives the pillow then says, "Meow, Meow" (Sometimes in a disguised voice.) The person who is "it" then tries to guess who the person is. If the blindfolded person guesses the right name of the person, the person who is sitting down and holding the pillow becomes "it" and the game starts again. If the blindfolded person guesses incorrectly, they he/she tries again and this time gives the pillow to a different person. The game ends after everyone has had a turn. Award everyone Diamond Tennis Bracelets.

6. Fill your party bags with these favors to make your guest's leave with a smile on all of their faces: Hello Kitty Bubbles, Clipboards, Sticker Dispensers, and Glitter Headbands.

7. Write all of your guests a thank you note by using themed Thank You notes. You can also put a kooky chew treat in the thank-you card if you wish.

Hello Kitty Party 2009

Bonnie Larsen is a mother of five children ages 7 to 14. She enjoys sharing her party ideas and helps make the party a success with party supplies. Click here for Hello Kitty party supplies.

Article Source: Bonnie Larsen