Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Jewelry

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty jewelry is a part of her Pink Head collection. Tarantino, who has a pink head too, loves this collection and wears it herself. It is designed after the popular character Hello Kitty. This jewelry collection has pieces that are appropriate for kids and pieces for more mature taste. All of it features one of her ‘pink head’ designs, a cat with flowing pink hair. Most designs revolve around the classic jewelry design of the cameo. It is a modern and very pink twist on a beloved treasure of the past.

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Heart Necklaces

Everybody all over the world can barely resist the appeal of Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Jewelry. It is found on top models and actresses. It is found on little girls and adult women who are really girls at heart. Even brides have accessorized their weddings with Tarina Tarantino. What lover of Tarantino would be complete without this beloved classic?

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Earrings

Tarantino also has collections based on The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Barbie. The first Barbie designed after Tarantino was recently released. The uniqueness and whimsy of Tarantino’s designs capture the hearts of women and girls all over the world.

The Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty jewelry expanded to a new collection. The Pink Head Russian Nouveau Collection drew its inspiration from the Russian architecture and landscapes. Tarantino visited St. Petersburg, saw all the palaces and cathedrals, picked sunflowers in the countryside, and learned how to make nesting dolls. All of this had a direct influence on her new collection of Pink Heads. It is a collection marked by fairytale design. It has gained huge popularity and has even been spied as a major part of Paris Hilton’s accessories during Fashion Week. Many other celebrities are fans of not only Tarantino, but of the Pink Head collections as well.

Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty Necklace

Pink Head designs have filtered down through Tarantino’s designs to include more than just jewelry. Tarina Tarantino Hello Kitty jewelry fans cannot get enough of the Pink Head. A chandelier was especially created for the 30th anniversary of Hello Kitty. The popular Pink Head can be found on Christmas ornaments, hair accessories, and tiaras along with numerous ring, necklace, bracelet, and earring designs. Tarantino Pink Heads have become popular bridal wear as well. These feature elegant pearls with Hello Kitty pendants. Tarantino Pink Head have become a beloved classic among a wide audience of women and girls.

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