Friday, July 13, 2012

Gemstone Hello Kitty Belly Button Rings

In approximately the last decade, there has been a new trend in body piercing - piercing the belly button. While this is done primarily in females, some males have their belly button pierced as well. While it tends to be primarily young people sporting a belly button ring, they can be found on people of all ages. It seems this latest trend in body piercing took hold in western cultures, though that is not where it originated. Since its place in western culture has been established, it has since spread to other areas of the world.

When the initial piercing with a hoop or bent barbell is done, these pieces of piercing jewelry are rather plain. Usually these pieces of piercing jewelry only have plain silver balls and plain silver bodies as a part of their appearance. It is rare to find a piercer who will use anything but the standard silver piercing jewelry.

In extreme cases of allergy or skin sensitivity, some piercers will use titanium or gold as an alternative. Still, these first pieces of jewelry tend to be rather plain. After the initial healing phase is over, most people with piercings tend to replace that first piece of jewelry to something more individualistic and expressive of themselves. Indeed, a belly button ring can be a personal or fashion statement.