Monday, December 30, 2013

Walking A Fine Line With Get Well Gift Baskets

When someone gets sick or injured and winds up off their feet for a while one of the truly thoughtful, and wonderful, pick me ups is a get well gift basket.  In some cases a well done get well gift basket can help to bring some levity to the situation while in other cases a poorly planned gift basket can make a situation worse.  You can go with a pre-made gift basket or you can make your own but whichever route you take make sure you understand the situation well enough to get the proper basket. A generic get well gift basket is always much preferred over a personalized one that sends the completely wrong message at a time of personal crisis.

Well Gift Baskets

You and your friends went skiing and one of your friends decides that he knows enough about skiing that he will just skip the 2 hour lesson everyone else is taking and meet up with everyone on the hill.  As the day goes by it becomes extremely apparent that the people that took the lessons are a little better equipped than the friend that did not and eventually the friend that did not take any lessons has an accident and gets injured.  No injury is ever funny but everyone knows that if he had just put his ego aside and joined everyone for the 2 hour lesson then he would have known what to do to prevent his injury.

As your friend is recovering in the hospital you decide to bring him a get well gift basket to try and raise his spirits.  Here is where it can get problematic if you make the wrong decisions.  Do you know this friend well enough to raise his spirits with a get well gift basket that include such things as ski lesson coupons or should you stick to the traditional get well gift basket and just get one that has some fruit and other generic gifts in it?  There is a lot to be said for tact when it comes to raising someone's spirits with a get well gift basket and if you do it right you can really help someone out who is trying to get better after a personal crisis.

well gift baskets

Generic get well gift baskets include things like flowers and fruit but in some cases these are things that the person who is getting well may never use.  They are nice gestures, and if you are just trying to send a sentiment to someone you do not really know then they are also the correct gesture, but there is so much more that can be done with get well gift baskets that can help really brighten someone's day.  If a person is a book reader then get them a get well gift basket that includes a lot of books and other reading materials that will help them pass the time better as they recover.  Gestures like that will go so much further to helping a person recover from their personal crisis than a generic get well gift basket that it is absolutely worth the time and effort to put one together yourself.  Many gift basket companies are offering specialized gift baskets that you should also look into as these companies sometimes think of things that you may have never thought of that could be the perfect gift.

A get well gift basket is supposed to do so much more than just be a generic symbol of your wishes that the person get well, they should be a dynamic attempt at raising someone's spirits at a time when they really need that extra boost.  If you take the time to plan out the get well gift basket correctly the impact can be strong and it can really help someone on the road to recovery.  Strong spirits are just as important to the healing process as good medicine and you can do your part with a well conceived get well gift basket.